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How we sustain ministry
at the Ends of the Earth.

Missionary aviators are highly-trained pilots and mechanics who expedite the Gospel in some of the most daunting areas of the globe.  They maintain their aircraft in remote locations with limited fuel and supplies.  They use crude airstrips perched on mountains, snaked on rivers, and carved in jungles.  They serve to bring Bible translators, native pastors, medical care, evangelists, food, supplies, and more—all with the love of Christ—to the ends of the earth.  

ministry around the globe relies on aviation.

By 2030, one billion people across the world will be unreachable by roads.


To reach the unreachable and sustain ministry at the ends of the earth, ministry around the globe relies on aviation.


But the supply of highly skilled missionary aviators is declining and limiting the reach of effective ministry.


We are connecting needs with solutions, supplying people and resources to support ministry beyond where the roads end.

a single aviation ministry

in one year


organizations served

miles logged

passengers transported

pounds of cargo delivered

remote landing sites used

years of travel saved

and focused on ministry efforts

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1.5 million


5.6 million



we connect needs with solutions, to support ministry beyond where the roads end.

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If the heart of missions is the Gospel of Christ, then aviation is the circulatory system.     
- Ron Hutchcraft

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