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get involved.

God is doing amazing things in aviation ministry and we invite you to share in it with us.
Join Us.

Are you a pilot/mechanic looking to serve the Lord with your skills? Fill out the initial questionnaire to see if Proclaim would be a good fit for you as you prepare for long-term service.


For individuals interested in mission aviation as a full-time career. Explore the world of aviation as ministry and see what it involves.  


Even if you are not a pilot or mechanic, your time and effort matter.  Join our volunteer team to help keep our programs and aircraft ready to serve.


Do you have a passion for missions and aviation? Help us spread the word about what God is doing with missionary aviation all over the world.


Your partnership gifts support all facets of aviation ministry.  See how you can be a part of sharing the Gospel while supporting training, equipping, supporting, and serving in missionary aviation.

To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with him.     
- John Piper

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