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what we do.

Missionary aviation requires rigorous training that can take many years. It involves completing up to five years of flight and aircraft maintenance training and licensing, as well as gaining the necessary flight hours and experience post-graduation. In addition, missionary aviators must pass a demanding technical evaluation, raise financial support, pay off all training debt, and complete cross-cultural training and language school, all while providing for their families.

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We are committed to equipping aviators with the resources they need to serve the Lord, and

sending those laborers into the global harvest.

Preparing new aviators with training, mentorship, financial, and spiritual readiness.

Fulfilling the Great Commission regardless of location through training and technical ministries.

Launching aviators into global ministry, impacting thousands annually.


At Proclaim Aviation Ministries, we understand the profound effectiveness of aviation to spread the love of Christ worldwide.  Through focused investment in our team members, we exponentially multiply our impact.  Just one missionary aviator sent on from Proclaim touches the lives of thousands every year through the planes they maintain and the flights they undertake.

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Routinely, around thirty-five Proclaim missionaries are currently serving on-loan with our partners.  These families work stateside, diligently preparing, mentoring, and equipping the next generation of missionary aviators.


They are committed to continuing the vital work of spreading the Gospel to the outermost reaches of the earth.

to the ends of the earth.


Over sixty-five Proclaim missionaries have completed our program to expedite their path into long-term aviation ministry.  They are using aviation to bring messages of salvation and sustain ministry efforts to the 1 billion people living in the unreachable places.   

If the heart of missions is the Gospel of Christ, then aviation is the circulatory system.     
-Ron Hutchcraft

Two major obstacles in the path of (missionary aviators) are school debt and lack of aviation experience.... Proclaim Aviation provides a way for recent school graduates to prepare rapidly for the field.    
-Chuck D., former chief pilot, JAARS

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