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Fulfilling the Great Commission regardless of location.

Whether training the next generation, flying out of our home office, or working as administrative staff, we are passionate about serving the Lord and our local communities wherever God has us planted.  

the next

With our partners, we provide instructors, mentors, and staff to help missionary aviation schools train the next generation of missionary aviators. 

By investing in these future missionaries using our current missionaries, we create a perpetual loop of education and service, ensuring a seamless transition for those who will expedite the Gospel worldwide.


Because our missionaries are supported by their own financial partners, missionary aviation training schools save money, ensuring that tuition costs remain low for the students.

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& outreach.

We expand the reach of missionary aviation, sustain aviation ministry efforts worldwide, and inspire the next generation of aviation professionals to engage in missions.  

Proclaim collaborates with organizations nationwide to raise awareness about missionary aviation, to connect necessary resources where needed, and to recruit students into this unique career field. 


We provide administrative support services for missionaries and mission organizations. 

We manage donations, payroll, newsletter distribution, and operate as a U.S. home office for overseas aviation ministries.  This support allows their focus to remain on the ministry at hand while ensuring smooth administrative operation.


Our missionaries and staff have the opportunity to conduct Compassion flights using our aircraft.

We believe in serving our local community with the same dedication as our global mission.  We facilitate free transportation for individuals with medical needs to treatment facilities across the country.  Additionally, we actively engage in efforts to relocate survivors of sex trafficking to safety.  These flights demonstrate compassion and care in practical ways, reflecting the love of Jesus Christ right here at home.

interested in missionary aviation?

To find out more about missionary aviation, the training involved, and the requirements of mission agencies click on the links below.

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connecting needs with solutions, to support ministry beyond where the roads end.

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