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Equipping continual generations of aviation missionaries.

Serving as an aviation missionary is a rigorous ministry.  We are equipping pilots and mechanics with the essential skills, experience, and spiritual foundations required for effective aviation ministry.  This is a comprehensive approach, providing hands-on work experience, personalized mentorship, and additional complex training.  We work with our partners to ensure these men and women are fully equipped to effectively and obediently spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

training the next generation.

We offer graduates from our aviation school partners the unique opportunity to return as instructors.  

Serving in this capacity, our missionaries not only gain flight time and reinforce their skills and knowledge, but they also serve alongside experienced educators with overseas mission aviation experience.  This mentorship component is invaluable.

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workforce readiness.

Through partnerships within the commercial and missionary aviation community, our missionaries work under skilled professionals, benefiting from their guidance and expertise.

Our program is designed to equip airmen and women for long-term technical ministry. 

​We provide opportunities to build significant flight time, advanced aircraft maintenance knowledge, valuable operational experience in aviation flight and maintenance departments, and skill-building programs to complete additional FAA licensing.

​This mentorship model develops responsibility while offering crucial wisdom and builds skilled aviators ready for effective global ministry.  

financial & spiritual readiness.

Financial and spiritual preparedness are equally essential for missionaries embarking on their ministry journey.

We address these varied needs by providing livable salaries, guidance in debt management, assistance in building financial and prayer support teams, and opportunities for spiritual growth through direct ministry involvement.

In this way, we send out missionary aviators who are faithful financial stewards, spiritually galvanized, and supported by steadfast partners.


interested in applying for our program?

Missionary pilots or mechanics who need help expediting the track to full-time aviation ministry can reach out to us for more information.

see what we do.

connecting needs with solutions, to support ministry beyond where the roads end.

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