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Aviators by Training.  Missionaries at Heart.

We are coming alongside missionaries who share a passion for expediting the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  Whether stateside or overseas, these aviators will impact thousands annually, literally being the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need. 


Over 100 Proclaim missionaries have ventured into long-term missionary aviation roles and have left indelible marks in more than 25 nations across the globe.

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Former Proclaim pilots and mechanics, who once prepared with us, now spearhead missions as Program Directors, Chief Pilots, and Directors of Maintenance.


By equipping new pilots and mechanics with essential skills and experience, we ensure the continued growth, reach, and impact of missionary aviation worldwide.

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Scale icon.png missionary aviation organization can deliver 23,000 pounds of cargo to support the building of God's Kingdom.

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...236 passengers are transported, including teachers, evangelists, doctors, indigenous pastors, relief workers, children, and the critically ill.

clock icon.png some of the most remote places on earth, a missionary aviation flight is landing or taking off every 10 minutes

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Former Proclaim missionaries now serve full-time with ministries located in Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Zambia, Asia-Pacific, Lesotho, the Caribbean, Central America, Botswana, Uganda, South Sudan, Mozambique, Indonesia, and more.

interested in missionary aviation?

To find out more about missionary aviation and how you can support this work, click on the links below.

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connecting needs with solutions, to support ministry beyond where the roads end.

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